1 Why Krater Studios?

Actors who aren’t on set should be in front of the camera. Often. Krater Studios takes pride in developing actors who want to carry leads in film and television. We blend a strong artistic identity with the technical expertise to go out and book the job or shoot the project. Actors move to LA to have careers in film and television. It is important that they have the ability to translate what they know into the language of film. The camera adds specific demands, opportunities and limitations to an actors performance. We feel it is vital to find freedom in front of the lens.


2 What kind of classes are offered at Krater Studios?

All classes at Krater Studios are On Camera. Krater Studios offers four different classes. Making the Scene (On Camera Scene Study for Drama) Making the Scene Comedy(On Camera Scene Study for Half Hour Comedy) Breathe (Audition Technique) and Instinct (Advanced Cold Read).

Krater Studios offers both On Going Classes (1 class/week) as well as Intensives (multiple classes/week).

Actors may enroll at anytime depending on availability.


3 How do I know which class/program is right for me?

Actors will be able to talk to either Jen or Paolo to determine where they are in their career/ process. Our relationship with our actors is very much a dialogue. We will help guide you depending on your experience, what you need to focus on in your work and what your goals are professionally.


4 How often do actors work in class?

Every. Single. Class. Acting is about getting up and doing it. Come ready to work.


5 Do I get a copy of my work from class?

Yes. We transfer a quicktime copy of your work to a USB or Hard Drive. Having the opportunity to watch your work on camera is a huge advantage for actors. You will be able to see what you do well. You will be able to see if you have habits or are doing things that hold you back in your work. You will also begin to see where the risks are, how to take them and land your work in front of the lens.


6 What material do you work on in class?

Krater Studios focuses on developing leads for Film/TV. The material in class provides that type of experience. The Breathe classes focus primarily on Series Regulars sides. Actors in the Breathe classes may also bring in their audition material to work on during their class time.


7 How do I enroll in classes?

Actors can come meet us at one of our monthly Free On Camera Seminars. We offer an extensive overview of each class. Actors are able to meet both Jen and Paolo and explore what works for them. Actors may also come audit a class. Audits at Krater Studios are a working audit where you will participate in class, get to know the other studio members.

Actors who come through a referral may enroll in classes.


8 How long are classes

Classes run approximately 5 hours.


9 How many people are in class?

Krater Studios is a professional environment. Actors are consistently booking out of class for work etc so class sizes vary. Breathe Classes wait list at 14. Making the Scene Classes wait list at 16 and Instinct Classes wait list at 18.


10 How does enrollment work?

All classes at Krater Studios are on-going. New clients are required to make a minimum 12 week commitment. After that time, they are considered On Going Clients. We have a limited amount of spaces in Jen and Paolo’s classes. Therefore when an actor decides to leave we ask for a 30 day notice (2 weeks if they are enrolled in an Intensive).


11 Do you private coach?

Yes, Both Paolo and Jen offer private coaching. You do not have to be enrolled in the studio to coach with us. Contact us for availability.


12 Do you offer refunds or prorate?

Krater Studios does not offer refunds. Please make sure you can attend your classes.


13 What happens if I miss class

Krater Studios offers make ups to our clients in another class while they are enrolled at the studio. Actors have 30 days to get a make up done. Actors may not use make ups in lieu of paying tuition.


14 Anything else I should know?

Treat class as you would any other professional commitment. If you are going to miss class, email the studio so we may notify your partner. Plan on attending the full class, unless you have an audition and clear it with the instructor ahead of time. Be on time. Come ready to push yourself and grow.