Class Schedule:

10:30 - 3:30pm

Making the Scene Comedy

6:00pm - 11pm

10:30 - 3:30pm


6pm - 11pm

10:30am - 3:30pm


6pm - 11pm
Making the Scene Drama

10:30am - 3:30pm

Making the Scene Drama

6:00pm - 11pm




Krater Studios is a community where working actors come to develop and sustain a strong creative identity.
At Krater Studios you will find a professional, supportive and effective on-camera process where the work comes first. The process combines strong, honest and emotionally available acting with the technical understanding of working in front of a camera. We provide you with the tools to impress directors, producers and the networks.
Jen Krater and Paolo Pagliacolo will challenge, inspire, and motivate you to take risks and explore your full capacity as an actor. Krater Studios trains actors to follow direction while remaining powerful in the room and on set.
Krater Studios develops actors who know how to carry a leading role in film and television. 



Instinct (Cold read)


Instinct is an in-depth process to develop your unique voice as an actor.  Actor’s cultivate a strong artistic identity and discover/explore who they are as a storyteller through a variety of scenes and exercises.

Studio members receive their scene when they arrive and are able to get it up on it’s feet immediately.  Instinct works with a two camera set up and mirrors what an actor faces on set in today’s industry.

If you have ever felt in your head or over-studied, this class is for you.

This technique brings out raw, emotionally present and/or fearless qualities in your work.  Learn to break out of the mold and find your ability to tell the truth and move your audience. 

Jen Krater gets you out of your head and into the moment: freeing the actor’s natural impulses.  

Play the moment.
Find empathy,
Take Risks.
Learn to connect and tell the truth. Feel confident taking direction and making adjustments.  Learn to trust yourself and others all while being in front of the lens.

Dates: Monday Evening 6pm, Wednesday Morning 10:30am, Thursday Evening 6pm


Making the Scene Drama (scene study)


Making the Scene Drama is an on-camera scene study class that combines the actor’s artistic process with the technical requirements that make a scene work through a series of integrated shots. Actors work with scene partners on scenes 2 weeks in a row.

Week One: Paolo brings his unique approach to Character Development, Subject Matter, Defining Relationships and Understanding Objectives in a compelling, personal and creative way. Actors in Paolo’s class develop a keen sense of what makes a character truly tick, by gaining insights into a character’s pathology and what motivates them into action.

Week Two: Once this foundation is laid, actors bring back scenes fully memorized for shooting. Intimate scenes, Confrontational scenes, Plot Driven scenes are performed for the camera through a series of integrated shots: The Two Shot, The Over The Shoulder Shot, The Close-up, The Extreme Close-up, etc.

Actors bring their roles to life for the camera by understanding how to develop tension and create moments that translate through the lens while staying true to the character’s emotional life.

Dates: Wednesday Evening 6pm,
          Thursday Morning 10:30am


Breathe (audition technique)


A camera, a chair and a reader.

Breathe is the Audition Technique Class at Krater Studios. Actors focus primarily on Series Regular Sides in this class. Clients are emailed sides 4 days ahead of time. They prep their material exactly as the intend to go in and read for it. We then work out from there. Actors develop and hone the ins and outs of auditioning. We make sure they see everything that is on the page. Actors exercise their memorization skills (12-22 pages every two weeks). They learn how to take risks, making sure they stay authentic during their read and refine what they already do well. Actors develop the ability to recognize and live out the arc of a character in their auditions.

Actors work on the sides two weeks in a row. Week one they are thoroughly coached by Jen or Paolo. Together we break down the material, the physical obligations of setting up your shot and how to utilize the camera to make your performance stand out from the crowd. Actors then take their work home and can watch and listen to all the notes.

Week two is a call back. Actors return with a more in depth understanding of their sides and insight into handling the audition. Actors in the Breathe class may use their class time to coach for auditions and/or self tape.

Dates: Tuesday Morning 10:30am, Tuesday Evening 6pm


Making the Scene Comedy (Half hour comedy technique)


If half hour Comedy is your thing then this is the class for you. Actors in Paolo’s On-Camera Comedy class are not only seriously funny but they are also Savvy. Paolo brings together improv and comedy technique in a unique way to bring out the the funny in everyone and at the same time gives the actors insights into developing an understanding of how a scene (and a show) works.

Covered in this class are: Character Types and Dynamics, How Relationships work in Comedy, Jokes, Pacing & Rhythm, Triplets, Extended Triplets, Reversals etc. This class gives you the tools to be confident, smart and shameless.

Throw caution to the wind, fall on your face and make us laugh, make us laugh, make us laugh

Dates: Monday Morning 10:30am


The Work

Scene work from Instinct
(Cold Read Technique)
with Jen Krater

Scene work from Making the Scene Drama
(On-Camera Scene Study)
with Paolo Pagliacolo