Creative Connections

Personal Connection

Our work always begins with us.

What is going with us. Where we are in our lives, how we feel about ourselves, our perspective.

This is the first part of connection. Personal connection.

Dropping into our emotional life and opening up into our talent.

How much of ourselves we are will to invest in our work will determine the creative journey we want to embark upon.

Connection with Others

When we connect up with another actor we are opening ourselves up to everything going on with us, whether this is verbally articulated in the moment or subtly implied, either way, energetically and emotionally we are putting ourselves out there.

We are exposing ourselves to another human being - the good, the bad & the ugly.

This is where the risks are. Regardless of plot, circumstances, character needs and dynamics, as artists we have to be willing to let others see us.

An environment that is supportive and makes you feel safe to delve into the depths of your talent is necessary to opening up and exposing yourself. But, connection isn’t necessarily about feeling comfortable - though some may feel very comfortable sharing themselves- it’s not the the goal.

Connection is about disclosure.

Disclosure can makes us feel a wide range of emotions, and it is this that gives voice to our talent and shapes the the dynamic of the narrative.

Connection is everything for an actor. The schisms produced when that connection is fractured or lost can lead to interesting storytelling. But to get there first we must be able to connect to ourselves and others. If we don’t have connection to begin with then there’s is nothing being risked in our work.

Paolo Pagliacolo

Feb. 2019