Scene Study... and Me

When we are working as actors we find ourselves within a specific set of circumstances. Each set of circumstances presents us with something we are trying to achieve, our objective, as it were.

Our scene objectives are usually clearly stated, or at the very least, discernible with some combing through of the information both stated and unstated - what we can infer through the facts of our given set of circumstances.

Our needs, on the other hand, the reason we are on the journey we find ourselves on, are deeply embedded within us.

There is a specific intention behind every action we pursue. Some intentions we are conscious of others not so much.

We may not always be aware of the motives that drive us to achieve the things we want, that compel us to action, but they are connected to what we need, what we are searching for.

Language, behavior, spectacle, everything is at the service and subject to a character’s need, to our needs.

Love is what defines our lives and gives value to the wants, needs and desires we are chasing.

Acting is about disclosure.

Acting is about how much you are willing to invest of yourself in each moment.

When we commit our talent to giving of ourselves we can trust that our inner life will take us from one moment to next fluidly without needing to invent or think or rationalize our choices.