Staying Inspired

What keeps you excited about what you do?

What’s exciting about a performance for me is how inspired the actor is in her work. She is excited to be doing what she’s doing.

Her level of commitment, her focus, her intensity, her sense of play, her willingness to take creative risks, follow her instincts, get into trouble, etc. all fill the nuances of her performance.

Wether you are seeking escape or to be impacted by what you are viewing, there’s no denying that feeling that comes over us when something magical is happening on the screen.

What makes acting an incredible experience is not only that we get to transform our reality and let our imagination take us on a journey, but also because we get to bring ourselves to our work. Everything. Especially our unique perspective. This perspective is inspired by who we are and what turns us on.

I get that same feeling when I’m reading a really good book or listening to music that just triggers everything that is raw and right with world.

Ever stand in front of Jackson Pollack painting or Mark Rothko or Georgia O’Keeffe or Caravaggio?

What inspired Dorothea Lange to travel the country during the depression and photograph the displaced, the hungry and the desperate. What Inspired James Agee (a film critic) and his colleague Walker Evans to do same and produce what I dare say is one of the most beautiful and moving stories about that Incredible time - “Let’s Us Now Praise Famous Men” - a novel with photographs about sharecroppers in the deep south.

For that matter what inspired Richard Avedon or Diane Arbus? I love still photography it is the poetry of vision.

Ever stand in front of a tree that is 4 stories tall and has been around before even your great-grandfather was born. Before the Civil War.

My wife teases me because I like trees. I like to look up at trees from ground level, I like the density of a tree’s foliage it makes me feel safe and curious. For some reason trees, I when I take the time to notice trigger this child like wonder in me that I can’t explain. I get excited. The mundane notion that I get to coexist with all this beauty that surrounds me everywhere is overwhelming.

“Often a star/was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you/out of the distant past, or as you walked/under an open window, a violin/yielded itself to your hearing.” - Rilke

My children inspire me. They give me hope. They give me life. And even the painful thought that I am failing them is an affirmation of love.

We have all come to this crazy city from somewhere else, with our dreams in tow, despite the advice of everyone we know, we came here inspired by something.

Whatever that is for you, wether it’s one thing or many things, never lose your connection to it. Keep feeding it everyday. Rediscover it. Challenge it and be challenged by it. And bring it to your work.

One famous actor said of another actor with whom he was working with on a film project: “when you’re working with him it’s like flying!”.

Walking the edge of the precipice might scare the shit out of you, but now that you’re here what choice do you have… but to fly?