Creative Convictions

Your convictions are an integral part of your artistry. Your convictions are an integral part of your voice as an artist. Your convictions are the reason for saying and expressing the things you are saying and expressing.

What you believe about yourself and about the world you live in.

I can’t stress this enough because as actors we are given the words we must speak. They are not our words. And yet we must find a way to make those words ring true as if they were the very words we would chose to speak in the given circumstances we find ourselves in.

How is this achieved? Through our convictions.

The webster definition of conviction: the quality of showing that one is firmly convinced of what one believes or says

When we view something and our suspension of disbelief is broken it’s usually because the piece or the actor “lacked conviction”.

Some might view personal convictions as things that can hold us back and as perhaps even myopic.

I personally don’t hold this view. For me one’s conviction are a dynamic part of what makes a person unique.

I’m always fascinated by other peoples beliefs. And in storytelling those very beliefs are at the core of every good narrative.

In other words, your convictions are not a limitation of creativity but rather the path on which your creativity thrives.

What is it that you believe in? What is it that motivates you? What is it that affirms your existence?

How much do value who you are and where you’re coming from?

Answering these questions for yourself will help you understand the plight of your characters and what they are after.

What we believe in will be challenged at every level and this can create conflict and conflict makes for good drama and storytelling in our lives and in our work.

We must stop validating our experiences only if they make us feel happy.

Lastly, your convictions are ever evolving and subject to change because they are grounded on a foundation that makes growth possible, necessary, & inevitable.


Feb. 2019