Preparation is Inspiration

Actors love to prepare for a role.

We get excited about acting and developing a chartacter and telling a story.

We can’t wait to dig our teeth into a piece.

There are many creative choices to be made when breaking down a script. And for those of us that enjoy doing so through the process of analysis the possibilities seem endless.

But here’s the thing, and it’s what I try to impart on my actors at Krater Studios who take the On-Camera Scene Study classes with me: Preparation is about Inspiration.

To give an Inspired performance you have to make Inspired Creative choices. This means you need not bring any unnecessary artifice to the work.

Your justifications to support the emotional thru-line of the character doesn’t need an elaborate back story especially something that is purely fabricated and unconnected to you. The script and everything in it is all the artifice that’s required. Our job as actors is to bring truth and conviction to the role.

What inspires us is who we are, where we’ve come from, where we’re going and the story we must tell.

When making a choice for your character in a scene if you are not connected to who you are and the story you need to tell then that choice will not resonate from within you. You will be making something up. And sometimes that may be what’s required of us, but if that becomes a habit then what we will end up with is artifice on top of artifice on top of artifice and it’s going to take a lot of conviction to sustain all that artifice.

If instead we take the risk of looking within our talent, and honestly disclosing those truths that make us who we are, and by being specific, we will discover not only the intentions and motives behind the actions we must take but what Inspires those intention and motives. What ignites us into action.

What is it that Inspires you? We are waiting to hear!