Your word...

Many people think they want to act.  

We have all heard the conversations...if only...
...I could get in the room
 get the right agent
play the right role...

Yes, that is true and yet we need to be mindful that success comes to the people who work for it.

When you think about how much you much you can much you have to offer...make sure you put that talk into action.  It is precisely in the moments when we think we couldn't do anything more that we must. 

The people who come to LA to work know what they want and go for it.  Actors need to hold themselves accountable to deliver on good days and on bad.  You cannot pull back when something is uncomfortable. 

People who succeed at anything know they must show up rain or shine.

If you say..."I want to be an actor", than do the work.  Everyday.

It is you, not anyone outside yourself, who claims that title.  Choose wisely.