Risk it, again & again!

Taking risks, physically & emotionally, and staying committed to the circumstances of the scene opens us up to the moment to moment exchange between the characters. When this happens, the scene unfolds, allowing for truthful spontaneity between you and your scene partner. There can be no half measures on the actors part. Whatever you are feeling, embrace it as the character and make it a part of what is actually happening between you and the other person. It's interesting to see a vulnerable person approach her situation with uncertainty because of inner conflicts that she is struggling to reconcile as opposed to seeing an actor resist impulses and react self-consciously to what is happen because she is uncertain of herself and what the scene is about for her. Commitment and risk taking require that we make strong choices that are not always obvious and may take us out of our comfort zones and catapult our creativity to a plane that is not on the written page but is what the scene is actually about!

Keeping risking!