To act.  
To take action. 

This business is not for those who want to sit around and day dream.

But what about the notion of hope?

It is a valuable asset in your work as an actor.  It is the ability to see past the clutter and the noise to the edge where a dream or wish becomes a reality.  It is the buffer between the soul and cynicism/bitterness.  Without it we risk becoming humorless and demoralized.  Our characters have nothing to fight for and at times nothing to lose.

This business is about big dreams.  It is about big risks and rewards.  You have to believe you will find yourself achieving what you set out to do or else what is the point.

But you cannot leap without the floor. We cannot just wish from a vacuum.  Life isn't easy or fair.  It is beautiful, complicated and at times quite savage.  It is indifferent, numbing and tedious.  We must encounter the truth of our surroundings and hope anyway.  That is where the power of the moment lies.

It takes courage.  
It takes action.  
It also makes the reward oh so sweet!

Jen Krater


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